How I work

My priority is to achieve language objectives of my students, regardless of whether it is passing a specific exam or breaking the language barrier, acquiring the correct accent and pronunciation or learning grammar. At the beginning we always analyse together your needs and expectations. I assess your current level and suggest methods and materials which, in my view, will work best in your case. Thanks to this approach I will lead you to your dream goal in the best, most reliable and fastest way. I will show you how to learn so that the learning process is effective, enjoyable and rewarding, and gives you a lot of joy.

I am a specialist in overcoming language barriers and teaching the correct pronunciation. Each of my students begins to speak  English fluently - it is only a matter of time. Even the most reluctant people, with the right approach of the teacher,  master the ability to speak English properly. I know that if you follow my instructions and the plan that we have drawn up together, you will reach the intended language target which will help you achieve other goals such as changing  job, going abroad to study, meet people from all over the world, travel, but it will also help you implement smaller, but equally important ones. Finally, you will be able to write an email without the aid of a dictionary, read a book in the original, watch your favourite tv series,  understand what a given song is about and many more.







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