angielski dla początkujących

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angielski dla średnio zaawansowanych

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angielski dla zaawansowanych

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Why me


EXPERIENCE: I have been teaching English for 12 years. I have the highest level of linguistic proficiency confirmed by Cambridge certificates. I have run language courses in language schools and have taught dozens of people on private lessons. I have studied and worked in England and Australia, so I know what is important to not only pass exams, but also to cope with the English-speaking environment without problems.

METHODOLOGY: I graduated from English Studies. I have broad knowledge and I know how to pass it to my students so they are able to use it. Over the years spent in the teaching profession I have developed my own, very effective methods.

PROFESSIONALISM: I'm a professional, my classes are of the highest quality. I try to use our time together in 100% and get as much as possible out of my students.

EFFECTIVENESS: My students make immediate progress. Regardless of the initial level, you will reach your desired language target. I will show you how to learn efficiently. You will overcome your fear of speaking and learn the correct pronunciation.

TAILORING: I tailor the classes to every student - their level, needs and objectives. They are maximally personalized and thus very effective.

FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE: Classes are always run in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere which allows you to learn effectively, without stress blocking you.




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Learn online



 Our lessons give you a perfect opportunity to connect with me from every part of the world. You only need the Internet connection, a computer, a tablet or just your mobile phone. 







  +48 533 044 262

Skype: aleksandra.cho


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